July 2017

Penis Stretching Sometimes Causes A Penis Injury

In pursuit of a longer manhood, many men engage in a process known as penis stretching. While the question of whether penis stretching actually has a permanent effect on penis size may be debated, there’s no question a man should approach such treatments with care in order to maintain his penis health. Some men have […]

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Erectile Dysfunction Cause?

If you’re having difficulty getting it up, you are far from alone and you will find some immediate help here in this article. Some men experience ED when they have too much to drink. Extreme tiredness can also be a major erectile dysfunction cause. Most men will experience erection issues at least once in their […]

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PGAD Can Lead to a very Sore Penis

Many men dream of sporting a constant erection as proof of their virility, but as men who have experienced priapism know, an erection that goes on for too long results in a sore penis -and can be dangerous to penis health as well. Similarly, men who experience the condition known as PGAD know that a […]

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