Food which enhances libido

Loss of sexual appetite (or libido) is a very common dysfunction. However there are various natural techniques that can be adopted to help resolve these. There are also libido enhancing products such as ‘male extra’ available on the market to buy over the counter, but a more common technique is a change in diet and the introduction of foods that are typically known to increase libido.  Below are listed some foods which are thought to help increase a person’s libido.

Below are listed some foods which are thought to help increase a person’s libido.

Celery– this contains androsterone.  This is an odourless hormone which men release and women feel extremely attracted to.

Raw oyster– this is one of the most well known foods to help a persons libido.  It is the hormone ‘dopamine’ that oysters have in them, this increases the amount of testosterone that a person’s body produces.  The testosterone hormone helps to boost a person’s sexual desire, hence increasing their sexual activity.

Avocado’s– high levels of folica acid are found in this fruit.  Folic acid helps the body metabolise protein which gives a person more energy.  Hence a person will have more energy for sexual activity.  The potassium found in avocados also helps to regulate a woman’s thyroid gland, which is another positive affect.

Figs– Again this fruit helps to increase a person’s libido, with its high content of amino acid.  Not only is a person’s libido increased but also their sexual stamina enabling them to last much longer in sexual activity.

Chocolate– This is well known for increasing libido too.  Chemicals contained in chocolate such as theobromine and phenylethylamine help to increase libido, also releasing hormones which provide a person with a sense of happiness after eating chocolate.

The above listed foods are commonly recognized as helping increase a person’s libido, but many other methods are available.  If you suffer from a reduced libido and your sex life is being negatively affected as a result of it, try adding some, or all of the above foods into your diet.  If these fail however there are many other remedies, from creams to tablets which you may wish to try.  However before doing so ensure you research all of the possible side affects and if in doubt consult your doctor.

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