Homemade Sexy Coupons

Short on cash but interested in an affordable way to spice up your sex life? Looking for the perfect anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift? You don’t need a special occasion to give your lover a secret thrill. You can use these ideas below to create your own sexy coupons! You can draw one out by hand, print them up on your computer, or just send a sexy text message or email with your hot and ready offer, redeemable at any time.

A few of these do require a bit of ready cash (see #1), but most don’t. In addition, a few of them require a little advance planning (#6 — have some oil at hand!), but I’m sure you will be… up for it.

Hide your coupons around the house where your lover is sure to find them, or simply slip them into an envelope and deliver with flowers, dinner, or the rest of the mail. In addition to your sexy coupon, try including a love note as well; you’re sure to rack up double the “love” points with that tactic.

Some of these are perfect for women to give to men, some are the other way around. I’ll let you figure out which is which (but I’ll go ahead and tell you that I’m hoping to receive Sexy Coupon #5 from my man!).

Sexy Coupon #1: A trip to the sex shop where he picks out your toy or outfit or entertainment for the evening.

Sexy Coupon #2: Three hot and sexy blowjobs (all in one day, if he can manage to redeem them!).

Sexy Coupon #3: Bikini car wash.

Sexy Coupon #4: A morning spent lounging in bed, with lingerie.

Sexy Coupon #5: Naked housecleaning service.

Sexy Coupon #6: Twenty minute foot massage with fragrant oil.

Sexy Coupon #7: Hot tub soak together.

Sexy Coupon #8: Name an unusual place where he/she can choose to “do it.”

Sexy Coupon #9: Sensual picnic; no utensils allowed. I’ll feed you.

Sexy Coupon #10: Re-enact the steamy movie scene of your choice.

Sexy Coupon #11: Strip tease followed by personal lap dance.

Sexy Coupon #12: Late night drive in the country with “lip service” for the driver.

Sexy Coupon #13: I won’t wear underwear all day. Meet me after work for a drink.

Sexy Coupon #14: I’ll be your love slave for one evening.

Sexy Coupon #15: Sex position of your choice.

Sexy Coupon #16: Sex fantasy role play of your choice.

Sexy Coupon #17: Let me be your naked chef. You name the date.

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