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How to Naturally Improve Sex Drives and Get Harder Erections

Are there times when you cannot last as long as you would like during sex? If so, then you should know that you are not alone.

Many men consider their lack of ejaculation control to be their main sexual problem. And even though many men think of erection as related to sexual drive, that may not always be the case. Many times the drive will be there but the penis just won’t behave like it should. A reduction in sex drive and a soft erection can be due to various factors.

The foremost reason for this problem is a decreased libido. Your libido is your sex drive and it is mostly controlled by the brain. If the brain isn’t feeling the libido, then the body won’t cooperate. Libido and the conditions required to achieve it are based on four stimuli. These are:

  • Visual stimulation, based on what is seen,
  • Tactile stimulation, based on what is felt, particularly in sensitive areas such as the penis and the nipples,
  • Auditory stimulation, which accounts for the successful nature of phone sex and
  • Olfactory stimulation, which could come from pleasing perfumes.


When these stimuli affect the libido, the sex drive responds accordingly.

One of the other factors that affect erections is premature ejaculation. This occurs when the man ejaculates before his partner his climaxed, and it can often lead to frustration and unsatisfactory intercourse. It can cause relationship problems so intense that the couple cannot stay together.

But this problem has its own reasons. The most common cause for premature ejaculation is increased levels of excitement. The man can become so excited to be engaging in intercourse with his partner that he ejaculates before penetration can occur or right after penetration.

Taboos surrounding sex can also cause this problem. In cultures where sex is forbidden or frowned upon, men may finish early because of how excited they can become by the prospect of sex. Sexual fantasies can take over and cause the intercourse to end before it has physically begun. In North America, premature ejaculation is often attributed to sexual anxiety or excessive masturbation.

Libido and various erectile problems can be cause by a flaccid erection. This erectile dysfunction means that the erection cannot be achieved or maintained. Many men experience this problem not only at the beginning of the intercourse, but even far into it. Erectile dysfunction does not just apply to an inability to achieve an erection. It can also mean that that the erection falters before the man’s partner achieves orgasm. This problem is incredibly common nowadays and a serious cause of concern for many men.

But thankfully, there are many supplements and treatments available to deal with these problems. These treatments, when successful, can add vitality and vigor to a man’s performance and increase his confidence and sex drive. Herbal supplements offer many advantages over penis pumps and injections. In fact, many doctors recommend natural supplements for male enhancement over prescription drugs and injections.

These are supplements that are full of a variety of natural ingredients. A male enhancement pill like Male Extra can contain Asian Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto Berry and more potent penis enhancement ingredients.

These ingredients are combined inside a single pill to provide men with the help they need to overcome their sexual difficulties. They provide long-lasting natural results without the side effects of other treatment methods. Male Extra has been proven to cure erectile dysfunction. Its potency can be attributed to the ingredients Cuscuta Seed, Icariin, and Epimedium Leaf Extract. These promote penis health, stop premature ejaculation and increase libido.

Male Extra contains a number of natural ingredients that promote overall health. These benefits include improved blood flow, better sexual performance, improved cardiovascular health, and improvements to the nervous system.

There is plenty of proof to back up the potency and advantages of Male Extra. People who use these pills as well as medical doctors have been touting the pill’s benefits for some time now. They have endorsed the product through written reviews and testimonials and many have said that they provide the solution they were looking for.  Personal testimonies include people like Luke Adams who achieved a stronger libido and harder erection with Male Extra . His ejaculation output increased as did his sexual performance.

Many of the modern supplements that treat erectile dysfunction are replacing penis pumps and other uncomfortable methods of achieving and maintaining erections. People are now able to fight their sexual problems with a method that works, that is discreet and that is far safer than many of the methods that have been used before.


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